A to Z

For Christmas, my lovely roommate gave me the book Flowers A to Z by Cecelia Heffernan. It has proved to be a great resource, here are a few of my favorite tips from the book:

1. "Pull or trim all leaves and thorns that will be below the water level in the container. Allowing such materials to decompose in water will allow harmful bacteria to shorten the life of the flowers."

2. "The water temperature should be comfortably warm. Cold water is not as readily absorbed by the flower. Hot water will penetrate the stem, but will almost shock the flower."

3. Flowers will have a longer vase life if they are all the same. "Certain flowers have a different makeup and decompose by different means. This mixed reaction can shorten the life of all the flowers."

4. "Wilted flowers can also be revived by completely submerging them in cool water." The book suggests placing the flowers in a bucket or tub and holding them down with something like a brick. Leave them submerged for a few hours. I have yet to try this trick.

Flowers A to Z

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, enjoy!