Gearing up for the weekend!

This weekend I am excited to be working with my very talented friend, Levi. He and I work together at our 8-7(the alternative to the classic 9-5) job. Upon hearing what I have been up to here with Willow, he offered to impart some of his floral knowledge! Levi worked in a flower shop in high school so he has a few tricks up his sleeve. We are planning to set a lovely table, which would't be complete without beautiful flower arrangements. Below are two mini mood boards for two ideas we have been discussing. Firstly, monochromatic arrangements in glass beakers. Secondly, rich yellow and orange florals to accompany Levi's Ohio made pottery. Did I mention he is also an avid collector? He collects McCoy, Weller and Roseville pottery all locally made in Zanesville, Ohio.