A Romantic Holiday Table Brought to You by Willow Floral + Butter & Bloom

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Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-01
Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-01
Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-02
Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-02
Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-03
Willow Floral-ButterandBloom-03

As a floral design blogger, I am always looking for creative ways to collaborate. My friend Rachel, of Butter & Bloom, and I decided to design our own take on the holiday table. We chose a moody and romantic color palette to compliment our gorgeous farmhouse table (made by my husband!). After that the magic came together in the details. The candles and table runners were customized with gold spray paint. Rachel made the gorgeous cookies and mini pies, which were both equally gorgeous and delicious!

Marni Spring 2015

Earlier this week Marni showed their Spring 2015 collection in Milan. This show marked their 20th anniversary and to kick off the celebration, the brand set up a one-day only flower market outside of their show! The public could purchase arrangements wrapped in paper featuring the best of Marni's prints, new and old.

Some of fashion's finest posing for Tommy Ton with their Marni flowers

Marni's Flower Market Photo: Courtesy of Marni


A portion of the proceeds from the flower sales went to The Vimala Association, a charity which benefits Tibetan children living in India. According to the brand, this is one of the many events that will happen throughout the year to mark their anniversary. Can't wait to see what they will come up with next!

Willow Floral

Fall Inspiration

Willow Floral

With the chill of fall just beginning to set in, the wheels in my head are already spinning with ideas for our Thanksgiving table! As new homeowners, we now have the space to host a few people! Unsurprisingly, my mind first went to what our flower arrangement would look like. I have been obsessed with the wild and loose looking centerpieces lately. They project an untamed, earthy feel. I'm thinking I will give one a shot!

Photos: Caprice Design & Decor and Sarah Winward

Willow Floral

NYFW Re-cap: Spring 2015

For the past week, the runways in New York have been ablaze with designers' Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear collections. As a member of the industry, it is always exciting to see what the visionaries are predicting for the upcoming seasons. And as a print designer and a floral enthusiast it is even more exciting to check out what pretty floral prints are out there. Check out my favorites below!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this mind blowing-ly beautiful floral backdrop at the Oscar de la Renta show!


NYFW Willow Flrl-01

[line]NYFW Willow Flrl-02


NYFW Willow Flrl-03


NYFW Willow Flrl-04[line]

NYFW Willow Flrl-05

Images: Style.com

Willow Floral

Sara & Brandon: August 16th, 2014

Happy Thursday loyal readers!

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. This summer has been jam packed with moving, lots of travel and wedding festivities. August 16th marked the wedding of our dear friends Sara and Brandon. If you remember, I posted some inspiration for their wedding a while back.
Sara asked me to do the flowers for their wedding after hearing about my interest in floral design. After months of planning, we began to bring our ideas to life. First, it started with Charlie (my husband and certified handyman) building the arbor that Sara and Brandon would get married under and that we would decorate with flowers.
Then Sara and I began ordering the flowers from Costco. The plan was to order the bulk flowers from Costco and then to supplement those with fresh seasonal flowers from Pike Place Market. Upon seeing how much we were ordering, I quickly realized I was going to need an extra set of hands. So, I asked our friend Angela to help out - she happily agreed!
The morning of the wedding I met Angela at the market and we collected buckets full of coral colored Dahlias. After that we loaded our cars with our buckets full of flowers, hopped on the ferry and arrived at Sara's venue (the beautiful Villa Vashon) to set up!
Charlie's arbor turned out beautifully! I am proud to say that he even decorated it himself!
Willow Floral[line]Willow Floral[line]Willow FloralWillow Floral

At the end of the day, everything went so smoothly and the whole wedding was beautiful down to the very smallest detail. The best part about this experience was that it left me wanting more...

Willow Floral

Green with Envy

My best friend and I always joke that we would love to marry the same man six times over, every time being able to plan a wedding more fabulous than the last! Since my wedding is right around the corner, this coming Friday to be exact, I figured this would be an appropriate post. My next wedding would have a color palette of emerald green, pale pink and gold! Aren't these photos just dreamy!


Photo by: CHARD Photographer

Photo by: CHARD Photographer

Photo by: Lady Grey Styling Secrets

Green with Envy: Willow Floral

Green with Envy: Willow FloralWillow Floral

Floral Favorites at the MET Gala

Last night was the annual Costume Institute's MET Gala. This years' exhibition focused on the late couturier, Charles James, known for his elegant designs. The red carpet was filled with beautiful people in ballgowns and bow ties. Below are my favorite looks from the red carpet!  Willow Floral

Willow Floral

Monkey Business

Happy Tuesday!

Banana leaves and other tropical leaf prints have been very popular this season, from apparel to home decor.



Want to have an actual banana plant in your house?

growing banana plants, banana plant care

Here are some tips!

  1. According to my sources, Banana plants do very well indoors. Due to their tropical nature they like sunlight, warmth and humidity which can be found in most homes.
  2. These plants are nutrient rich, meaning they absorb lots of nutrients from the soil. This means they need to be fertilized often, about once a month.
  3. They prefer light, well draining soil as opposed to heavy potting soil or soil from your yard.
  4. Not a very high maintenance plant, as long as you give them consistent conditions they will thrive!

Willow Floral

Breath of Fresh Air

With summer drawing near, I keep thinking about plants that are warm weather lovers. The air plant is the perfect no fuss summer plant. Air plant holders have been trending lately and online retailer, Etsy has endless options to select from. I have picked a few of my favorites, featured below. Enjoy!

Fun fact: There are more than 650 varieties of air plants that can survive without soil.

Melon / Orange Air Plant Pot w/ Air Plant


Growing Tip: Air circulation. Their name says it all, good air circulation will keep your new plants happy!

Hanging Pyramid Air Plant Vase


Growing Tip: Some moisture is required. Spring through Autumn, mist these plants daily.

During Summer months, once a week will do.

Giraffe Planter, Air Plant Room Decor, College Dorm Ornament, Plants and Edibles, Yellow Plant Pot


Growing Tip: Although these plants love warm weather, they do need protection from direct sunlight.


Growing Tip: These plants cannot survive in temps colder than 45 degrees.

Willow Floral

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I am happy to report that we had a successful trip to Washington's Skagit Valley Tulip Fields this past weekend. With our car packed with friends and picnic supplies, we drove an hour north of Seattle to explore the multitude of fields. 

Willow FloralWillow FloralWillow Floral

Mt. Baker making an appearance there in the background

Willow FloralWillow FloralWillow FloralWillow Floral

I'm off to Nashville for my very own bachelorette festivities...until next week!

Willow Floral

C is for Corsage

With Sara and Brandon's wedding a few months out, I will be posting quite a few DIY projects. This week, I brushed up on my corsage making skills. I followed an excellent DIY guide from, none other than, Ms. Martha Stewart. This tutorial helps describe how to create a modern update to the corsage.

Things you will need:
Floral stem wire
1/2'' Floral tape
Thick ribbon
Wire cutters
A big bloom (I used a Camellia flower)
Greens (mine came from the Camellia tree)
Here are the steps, courtesy of Martha:
  1. Tightly wrap one wire in floral tape, gently pulling and stretching it as you go to help it stick to the metal.
  2. Bend the wrapped wire into a pretzel shape, creating two loops on top and two lengths on the bottom.
  3. Trim the lengths with the wire cutter so they both measure two inches. Wrap them together with floral tape.
  4. Thread ribbon through the pretzel's two open loops. This will be the corsage holder.
  5. Next, prepare your flower. Cut its stem to measure two inches long.
  6. With an unwrapped wire, pierce the base of a flower and thread it all the way through.
  7. Bend the wire in half so it frames either side of the flower stem.
  8. Cut the stem and wire to be equal in length, and then tape together.
  9. If you wish to slip in leaves, arrange them around the bud, and secure them with a wrapping of tape.
  10. Place the prepared flower on top of the corsage holder, lining up the lengths of wrapped wire and tapping them together.
  11. Tie it onto the wrist and trim ribbon.

Willow FloralIMG_5781goodtogoI still need more practice but we are on our way!

The bloom also looked lovely floating in one of Sara's vases.


The photo below is from a few weeks ago when we did a sunrise bike ride.

Check that off the bucket list!



Floral Designer Must Haves!

MustHaves-Willow Floral As we prepare here for some fun events this summer, we are thinking more about all the items we will need to be sure to have with us. Pictured above is my list of initial must haves. A good source for some of these items is Terrain, Anthropologie's newest venture- they have everything from gardening tools to candles and vases. Needless to say, it is one of my new favorite sites.

In a perfect world, we would roll up to our events in this adorable bus! A girl can dream...

www.pinterest.comHappy Thursday, y'all!