Queen for a Day : Part One

Today, my creative sidekick, Ali, and I tried our hand at making flower crowns. It was a first for both of us and the process definitely had a bit of a learning curve, but the results were well worth the time we put in. We started our morning at Findlay Market, in Cincinnati. We headed straight for the one floral stall, and after choosing our flowers, we popped over to our favorite Belgium waffle stand for our daily quota of yummy sugary goodness!

Findlay MarketBelgium Waffle StandFlowers and Waffles

And then the real work began...All we used was floral tape, floral wire and flowers. First, Ali photographed me making my crown for her. I began by measuring her head with the wire and then wrapped the wire around three additional times for durability. After that, I took little bunches of flowers at a time and taped or wired them onto the base. Continue layering on small bunches until you make it all the way back around. If you don't want to go all the way around, you can just cover the front and then wrap the remaining back wire with floral tape for a more finished look.

flower crown construction-01 Berries, Wax flowers, Ranunculus

flower crown construction-02flower crown construction-03flower crown construction-04*Fun tip that we learned today from our local florist: If your ranunculus' are not as open as you would like, simply blow as hard as you can on their centers and they will open right up!

And now, Ali makes a crown for me!

flower crown construction2-02

Ranunculus, Wax flowers, Lisianthus, and Pussy Willows

flower crown construction2-03

flower crown construction3-04flower crown construction3-05

Stay tuned for our post-creation photo shoot!