This Weekend...

I apologize for my absence as of late....I've been on vacation! I am also preparing to move cross country to the Emerald City (a.k.a Seattle). So, hang tight and stay tuned for lots of new and exciting posts once I get there! This weekend marks my last weekend in Columbus. Which happens to coincide with a local flower farm tour! I am SO excited. On Sunday, a couple girlfriends and I will venture to the Sunny Meadows Flower Farm.

IMG_020 "Sunny Meadows Flower Farm is operated by Steve and Gretel Adams and is located six miles from downtown Columbus, on the city’s southeast side. Currently we farm about seven acres of flowers with four greenhouse structures used for season extension. We use organic practices and, although we are not certified, no chemicals are used, just lots of love! Our mission is to educate the public about the quality and vase life of local flowers. Although you can get flowers for dirt cheap flown in from the equator, the workers do not have the same rights and protections, and there are fewer restrictions on chemicals. So, who knows what you are really buying into? As a farm specializing in all naturally grown fresh cut flowers, we are trying to show people just how important supporting your local flower farm really is."

steve_gretel_adams_natural_farmers_columbus_ohioFrankly, I can't wait to meet Steve and Gretel, they sound pretty awesome. Check back on Monday for the photos of our adventure!