Wedding Prep

In a little less than a year my fiance, Charlie, and I will take that walk down the aisle! We will be having an intimate ceremony in our new hometown Seattle, Washington. Being so close to the infamous Pike's Place Market, I am hoping to take advantage of their low cost flowers. We are planning to buy the resources for our bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces at the market.

I thought I would start with boutonnières, in an effort to practice I picked up a few supplies at my local grocery store. While purple is not in my palette, my new friend Ella in the QFC floral department offered me some ribbon to practice with. For my flowers I chose, white Campanula and pinky Veronica (reminding me of my good friend Veronica!).

IMG_4343Other supplies included fern leaves, floral tape, wire to enhance the strength of the stems, pins and ribbon

IMG_4344Veronica and Campanula

IMG_4350Work in progress

IMG_4356Ella was showing me a new bow tie method. This was best completed with wired ribbon.

IMG_4397While they look very similar, I used three different techniques for each one.

We like the middle one the best!