Wedding Bells

We have been fortunate enough, since moving to Seattle, to meet some really wonderful new friends. Sara and Brandon happen to be one of those couples! These two love birds are getting married in August and were in need of a florist and guess who volunteered their services... yup- I did!

We have been brainstorming and the below is our inspiration so far...

Sarah and Brandon-03

Sara is planning to source her flowers locally from the Pike Place market. In my opinion, this is the perfect celebration of living in the Pacific Northwest. We will be embracing all the seasonal flowers that Seattle has to offer during the month of August. The plan is to mainly work with Dahlias, Roses, Hydrangeas and a touch of Baby's Breath.

Charlie and I are going to tackle this wedding as a joint collaboration, which is so exciting! He is going to build the trellis and then I will cover all the other florals with his assistance. Stay tuned for lots of DIY posts as this will be quite the learning experience!