C is for Corsage

With Sara and Brandon's wedding a few months out, I will be posting quite a few DIY projects. This week, I brushed up on my corsage making skills. I followed an excellent DIY guide from, none other than, Ms. Martha Stewart. This tutorial helps describe how to create a modern update to the corsage.

Things you will need:
Floral stem wire
1/2'' Floral tape
Thick ribbon
Wire cutters
A big bloom (I used a Camellia flower)
Greens (mine came from the Camellia tree)
Here are the steps, courtesy of Martha:
  1. Tightly wrap one wire in floral tape, gently pulling and stretching it as you go to help it stick to the metal.
  2. Bend the wrapped wire into a pretzel shape, creating two loops on top and two lengths on the bottom.
  3. Trim the lengths with the wire cutter so they both measure two inches. Wrap them together with floral tape.
  4. Thread ribbon through the pretzel's two open loops. This will be the corsage holder.
  5. Next, prepare your flower. Cut its stem to measure two inches long.
  6. With an unwrapped wire, pierce the base of a flower and thread it all the way through.
  7. Bend the wire in half so it frames either side of the flower stem.
  8. Cut the stem and wire to be equal in length, and then tape together.
  9. If you wish to slip in leaves, arrange them around the bud, and secure them with a wrapping of tape.
  10. Place the prepared flower on top of the corsage holder, lining up the lengths of wrapped wire and tapping them together.
  11. Tie it onto the wrist and trim ribbon.

Willow FloralIMG_5781goodtogoI still need more practice but we are on our way!

The bloom also looked lovely floating in one of Sara's vases.


The photo below is from a few weeks ago when we did a sunrise bike ride.

Check that off the bucket list!