Sara & Brandon: August 16th, 2014

Happy Thursday loyal readers!

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. This summer has been jam packed with moving, lots of travel and wedding festivities. August 16th marked the wedding of our dear friends Sara and Brandon. If you remember, I posted some inspiration for their wedding a while back.
Sara asked me to do the flowers for their wedding after hearing about my interest in floral design. After months of planning, we began to bring our ideas to life. First, it started with Charlie (my husband and certified handyman) building the arbor that Sara and Brandon would get married under and that we would decorate with flowers.
Then Sara and I began ordering the flowers from Costco. The plan was to order the bulk flowers from Costco and then to supplement those with fresh seasonal flowers from Pike Place Market. Upon seeing how much we were ordering, I quickly realized I was going to need an extra set of hands. So, I asked our friend Angela to help out - she happily agreed!
The morning of the wedding I met Angela at the market and we collected buckets full of coral colored Dahlias. After that we loaded our cars with our buckets full of flowers, hopped on the ferry and arrived at Sara's venue (the beautiful Villa Vashon) to set up!
Charlie's arbor turned out beautifully! I am proud to say that he even decorated it himself!
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At the end of the day, everything went so smoothly and the whole wedding was beautiful down to the very smallest detail. The best part about this experience was that it left me wanting more...

Willow Floral