I worked as a member of the A&F Men’s CAD team. Became skilled in Kaledo software by inputting fabrics, developing prints and creating sweater patterns. Served as the associate CAD designer for the Rugged Knits, Polos and Knit Underwear categories. Daily tasks consisted of designing stripe layouts and prints for Mens and Kids products, communicating with cross- functional teams and aiding the concept team. Collaborated with our Concept team to design layouts and prints for upcoming seasons. Managed the approval process for new pattern, which required sign-off internally and from merchants on cost and quality parameters. Collected new patterns, designs and color combinations on trips to New York City and Seattle.

I also served as the CAD design liaison to our new hire orientation program to provide training on A&F approaches and techniques. Progressed from de-sign basics to product management, leading to a promotion and increased leadership responsibilities. Previously co-oped with Men’s woven shirts, Hollister Women’s Woven Bottoms and Woven Tops design teams.